Energetical push
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Exercise 1

Easily possiblly (it it is possible to make at any time and in any place). Begin with determination of the necessary muscle. Urinate, squatting, and a will effort interrupt an urine jet. Store a muscle which one thus contracted.

1 stage.
Learn to reduce this muscle a will effort. Begin with slow abbreviations: squeezing (3) — unclamping (3 more). At first will be not so easily, case then will go lighter as the muscle will become stronger. Try not to reduce a prelum abdominale muscle thus. Practise to sense of light fatigue of a muscle.

2 stage.
Accelerate pace of abbreviations, accelerate them on rising, achieving feel of "flutter". On it it is required to you no more than 2-3 days.

3 stage.
The durable and steady abbreviation of a muscle (you as if try to retract any subject in a vagina). Fix a muscle  in "a closed" type within approximately 3 secs.

To train a muscle it is possible some times in day (2-3 times) approximately for 2 minutes

Exercise 2

23apravleno on rising of a tonus of adductors of a hip that also considerably increases sensuality of the woman.

Dwellings when nobody sees you, walk (barefoot or in fitting slippers), putting heel one legs back-to-back to a sock another (fig. 23). Thus legs should hardly "be braided", it is intimately touching each other.

Exercise 3

It is routed on solidifying of muscles of a perineum and a prelum abdominale. (It, perhaps, most exigeant exercise, make it with sufficient caution.)


Lying on a rug on a flap (or on a rigid easly surface), we hoist stretching legs to a ceiling, then by means of arms we try to allocate a foot bath bevel way 45 ° to a floor (fig. 24). Legs thus remain straight lines. At first we hold down this position some secs, then gradually we lead up holding time to 1 minute to do this exercise 2-3 times a day are possible also, but it is no more.

There is still a complicated alternative of exercise (for those to whom it under force) when bevel way 45 ° to a floor it is allocated (by means of arms, elbows are rested against a floor) almost all trunk (legs are thrown up to a ceiling). Thus on a flap there is a head, arms and a back part.

To "stand" in such standing about 3 mines, but not dolee are possible.

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The national phytotherapy as the most vast part of national medicine, is major, but is not enough still probed property of the people. The oof it is accumulated by centuries-old national experience. Each people have the phytotherapy, with the singularities, with the history, with the worked out centuries methods of treatment and with a numerous dial-up of plants.

Concern to a national phytotherapy has the rises and wanes, it has not disappeared and now. And it is clear. The scientific medicine was repeatedly enriched at the expense of folk remedies.

Our national spring adonis (аDоNIS VеRNаLIS) – now the conventional, medical means which has entered in all pharmacopoeia. Our national everlastings paludal and a St. John’s wort ordinary are not less interesting, than the Chinese ginseng. History of an ancient mandragora (маNDRаGоRа оFFIсINаRUм, атRора маNDRаGоRа L. And other types (only 5 types) – "death’s head hawk", «a dead head», pokrin field from a set of nightshade family, with redkopodobnym a root. Grows in the south evropy, primarily in gretsii. In the Middle Ages to a mandragora assigned miracle properties. Contains gnostsiamin, Scopolaminum and other alkaloids.) Sinapismuses and sweet gums, history of treatment by suggestion – all it leaves deep into national medicine, and only in more later time national methods of treatment have gained scientific interpretation. Will not be, perhaps, major fabrication if to tell that Penicillinum is unclosed not whom diverse, as any «the grandma makarihoj» approximately from with. Volitsy which one almost treated more hundred years ago purulent, triggered wounds a mildewed sour from grain «дIжки» (kits). Now, of course, and old "volitsa" became «free village», and great-grandsons of the grandma makarihi are not treated by a mildewed sour, and use in case of need Penicillinum from drugstores, but it is a lot of still "Penicillinums" is concealed in hiding places of national medicine and waits, while people of a science will extract them therefrom.

The author of true sketches, being the great patriot of case favourite by it, repeatedly voiced the inclining that now we have the unlimited capabilities systematically and comprehensively to learn this industry of national experience. Terming the transactions as "the open book» (it is is interquartile, wishing to "unclose" all concealed in sorcery), the author considered national medicine of a worthy science and meriting close learning. The close explorer can discover in it the facts, allowing to tap new vegetative medical means and to introduce corrective amendments in usage already applied in scientific medicine. We think that any doctor should concern to each folk remedy thoughtfully. Its smile when he auscultates to the story of the patient about treatment by any folk remedy, is good, if it is manner implication, but it is inappropriate, if is irony implication. It should or fix the attention on a means further to consider and learn it, or if to it uselessness and a harmfulness of this means is clear, easy to explain all it is to the patient.

The essence of a phytotherapy merits learning not only from the point of view of indisputable facts of its performance but also because the parents of this performance still not all are uncovered. Throughout all existence the person is intimately bound to flora. Plants minister to it nutriment and a human body so is adapted for this nutriment that without its some constituents cannot be bypassed and in the absence of them is ill. So avitaminoses, for example, unstrand at lack in nutriment of vitamins though the organism needs the minimum quantities last. By analogy to "the microelements" playing a significant role in phytophysiology (boron, manganese, zinc, cuprum, cobalt and so forth) It is possible to term them as "micromatters". It is necessary to think that not all such "micromatters" to us are already known. They can be in plants in amounts, almost imperceptible with chemical methods. Close and thoughtful learning of a national phytotherapy, undoubtedly, will help to tap still unknown "micromatters" among which one can appear not only new vitamins, alkaloids, glucosides, but also new groups reference, which one existences, was possiblly, we also do not guess.

At a collection of information about national simples it is necessary to meet references against this or that illness of one any plant more often. In the people at the same time there are very popular plants which one are applied at very many illnesses. In some cases it justifies in practice. We will recall, at least about such plants as a daisy wheel, a St. John’s wort, tsentavrija, wild strawberry, a ledum, etc. Is also such plants which one assign scalability of activity. M.A.Nosal in the long-term observations worked over such plants much and has united to them in the bunch of plants playfully termed as it «from all illnesses». Convergence on them presented in sketches, is in overwhelming majority effect of its observations and the inferences. About these plants that he considered noteworthy, the further checkout and learning is reported.

Rather is more rare, but it is doubtless with larger performance apply in the people not one plant, and a compound of miscellaneous plants, more often relatives on activity on an organism. It is clear if to mean a summation of activity of prisoners in them of matters. But, besides, in the people there are also compounds of the grasss having diametrically opposite activity. Having familiarised with separate plants in such compounds, the reader can discover "mismatch" in guard rope of their builders. Abandoning this problem unclosed, we will underline nevertheless the fact of their performance in some cases. We will pay attention, besides, to those plants in compounds (sometimes among them happen toxicant) which one are not directly treating the yielded illness, and fulfil, apparently, a role of stimulants of dying away living functions of any organ or organs.« If the organ completely is not obsolete and has saved though a spark of the life activity, it is necessary to start up a fire this spark »– more often gooril the author of these sketches. Here these"untrue"builders in compounds, most probably, in many events also"start up a fire"this spark. Observations over performance of national simples grant to us more often the right to guess that in the same plant in the presence of definitely operating matters are and diametrically the counteracting. If in a plant the poison it is simultaneous in it is contained there is also an antipoison; if there is a matter increasing a blood pressure then it is necessary to search for matter, step-down it. On the other hand, the same matter in one requirements can work, for example, poslabljajushche, in others – skrepljajushche.

It was already marked that the major role in a national phytotherapy is played by poisonous plants. Major performance of their activity when they are used in certain amounts in a compound with other simples is thus marked. Counting on a wide range primarily rural readers, the author of true sketches was afraid of events of inept use by poisonous plants and consequently has seated convergence only about some, more popular. When the capability to state these materials already in diverse aspect was introduced, its life has ended.

Convergence on national experience of treatment by poisonous plants more, than others, are sated by sorcery devices, charodejstva and so forth Why it is very difficult to discover in them «a rationalised pellet». Nevertheless more detailed data about them obtained from national experience, can bring a lot of new and is unconditional the useful. This field of national medicine, in our judgement, merits special attention of highly qualified explorers. Confirming to it I will point some facts.

In 1938, at collection of materials for one operation, I had to talk to the people completely cured of an epilepsy by vegetative compounds personally. The person who treated such patients, bunked then in lutskom district (now the Volynsk field). To learn the complete ratio of mixture of grasss, despite of all efforts, it was not possible and only it was possible to clarify that the ledum enters in a compound (LеDUм раLUSтRе L.) And any type of a spurge (еUрноRвIа L.). Treatment was heavy enough. The patient after taking the medicine ran into a state of any shock after which one there set in durating enough sleep. Further epilepsy attacks have stopped for ever.

Similar forms of treatment should to me be met and in other places (pochaev, tarnopolskoj region, etc.), And also to hear from other persons about treatment of diverse diseases (nervous breakdowns, a hysteria, madness), it is frequent with a positive take.

With discovery of antibiotics of a microbial parentage (from funguses, actinomycetes and bacteria) looks of scientists have been converted as well to higher plants. Now from them a row of the matters possessing the antimicrobial properties is already gained. There are bases to consider that the knowledge of national medicine, learning of its experience would allow more ustremlenno to direct attention to certain plants, on in what, under national data, it would be possible to guess retention of the antimicrobial matters first of all. There can not be a doubt that such matters, along with other functions, matter and for protection of plants against microbial taints.

At last, we will be shut down on meaning of a time of collection of simples, on what pays attention the people. The people mark miscellaneous performance of the simples collected not only in miscellaneous phases of evolution, but also at miscellaneous o’clock in the afternoon (at dawn, in the morning, at midday, in the evening or at night). Also it is necessary to pay attention To it and to explorers in spite of the fact that the collection time is arranged very often by all superstitions, mysticism and various "magical" routines. From a complex of all requirements determining synthesis and accumulating of medical-operating matters in a plant, luminous requirements, in our opinion, are the most relevant and the least learnt. The people have fixed these requirements. Therefore performance of simples depends not only on how they are suspended and as are saved, but also from in what season and in what time of day they are collected.

This book will fulfil the main role if will help learning to sample medicinal properties of plants from them, ground national experience, the most perspective and, further, to learn their activity, to tap operating chemicals and to enrich with that practice of the modern scientific medicine by new means. It is not necessary to scorn centuries-old national experience. The author was aimed to assemble this experience and to suppose it in the form of the book as he spoke, «on science desktop» for its comprehensive usage.

It were dreams of the author which one come true now.

In summary I consider as the debt to express gratitude to members of the Kharkov hospital company of prof. N.S.Harchenko which one one of the maiden has pointed worth of information and the materials assembled in m. of A.Nosalem, and Cand.Biol.Sci. and. To J.Soloveychik who in 1949 has familiarised with a part of hand-written materials of the author, has yielded it a row of advice and during illness of the author letters rendered it major encouragement in termination which one has interrupted death and which one, on the instructions of the academician of academy of Sciences ussr century G.Drobodko, I as the son of the author, has concluded, have handled and have added the materials collected by me personally.

Major friendly support would be rendered to the author in its transactions by Cand.Biol.Sci. the entomologist. I.Belsky, for what on behalf of the author and the I bring to it profound gratitude.

I bring also profound gratitude to hundreds those people from which one and to the author, and I personally managed to obtain materials for this book.

Willows. Nosal p r and l about e n and e.

Aloe tree-like (an aloe derevovidne) – аLое аRвоRеSсеNS мILL.

Synonyms: the Bitter aloe, a polypody root.

Set: LILIасеае – lily family.

The paleocrystic, aiphyllous, succulent plant attaining in the conditions of southern afriki altitude of 4 m. the Root mochkovidnyj, cylindrical, furcated. The caulis short, strongly branching, will organise a significant amount of suckers. Leaves large, meat, juicy, the xiphoid form, to 60 see Lengths, in a top hamper of caulises acervate in the form of the rosella, stebleobemljushchie, serovato-grey bloom, depth to 12-15 mm., with acanthceous edges and acanthas (waves) on each side. In the conditions of room crop leaves, as well as a plant, have smaller sizes. The central floral finger has a blossom cluster – a paintbrush of yellow-red or yellow flowers in length to 40 mm. A foetus – a rectangular approach traffic pattern of a cylindricity, zelenovato-brown bloom, seeds serovato-black, small and numerous. Blooming in room conditions happens very rarely as speak, time in 100 years, whence and a title – a bitter aloe.

L e to and r with t in e n n about e with y r e: Green leaves and juice received from them.

And about l about g and a h e with to and e about with about e n n about with t and. The aloe tree-like – a thermophilic plant which one is more narrow at temperature–2 than Celsius degree freezes out. It has adapted to requirements of wilderness and semi-deserts. At a major drought of an aloe will organise large meat leaves with the slow midpoint that contributes in accumulating of a considerable quantity of a moisture.

Grows on places with major percent of iron in sand which one lies on a surface of wilderness where in daylight saving time the soil so dries up that becomes firm, as a brick.

In vivo grows in the south afriki – in wilderness a blaze where make principal procurements of leaves of an aloe for extraction from them aloes (aloes the juice vapoured to dryness from aloe leaves) is termed.

In sssr it is wide rasrostraneno in room crop.

Under production conditions at us an aloe cultivate in medial azii and zakavkaze.

With about with t and in d e j with t in at ju shch and h in e shch e with t century of the Aloe tree-like and other types applied in medical practice, contain difficult, bitter on taste glikozidnye bonds, so-called glycosides (and their compound wears a title of aloins). At their fission the arabinose and an aloe-emodin-antrahinon or trioksimetilantrahion will be organised. Besides, in aloe juice organic acids (oxalic, aloetinovaja, etc.), And also tars, tanning matters, essential oils, vitamin "with", carotin are contained, etc.

P r and m e n e n and e. Medical properties of an aloe and an aloe received from its leaves were known still since dioskorida, plinija and tselsija, ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs knew about them. Last considered that the aloe is the patience character wherefore it longly does not wither ("patience" in an Arabian way means "sabr", whence and a title "aloes"). The aloe is widely applied both in scientific, and in national medicine, and also in veterinary science.

In sssr the effective method of a garnering of an aloe from plant leaves is elaborated: Leaves beforehand slightly notch sideways in places othozhdenija in them from caulises, and then break together with a vagina that yields an escaping of losses of juice.

The academician of century P.Filatov has installed that the living tissue, both animal, and vegetative, abjointed from a living organism and placed in unfavorable conditions – in a dark location with low (to +3 Celsius degrees) temperature – and maintained there within 20-25 days, undergoes biological changes and works out in itself special matters (so-called biogenic stimulants) which one excite dying away vital processes in a tissue. The extract fabricated of leaves of an aloe on a method of century of P.Filatova, is applied for subcutaneous inektsy daily or every other day (only 30-40 sessions) on 1-4 ml. At treatment of eye diseases, and also a peptic ulcer of a maw and 12-perstnoj intestines.

Aloe fresh juice preserve 20 %-s’ solution of alcohol and apply at some diseases of a gastrointestinal tract (a typhoid, a dysentery, a chronic constipation, gastritises) in a dose one-two teaspoons three times a day for half an hour to meal. It is possible to use an aloe extract in a dry type (in pills for 0,1), Approximately twice more active, than a simple aloe, and also infusion (till 10-20 a thaw before meal three times a day).

Juice of an aloe and aloe long since apply as laxative. In heavy doses (0,5-1,0) Drugs have the strong aperient an effect, in insignificant (0,05-0,2) are a light laxative and tonic which one increases appetite and boosts peptic activity of a maw. The infusion of an aloe gained by extraction of a dry extract by 40 %-s’ alcohol, is assigned inside at a peptic ulcer 12-perstnoj intestines, diseases of a liver and t. The item

Syrup of an aloe with iron use at anaemia treatment.

At illnesses of a larynx and a pharynx gargle a mouth 50 %-s’ aqueous solution of juice of an aloe or drink a fresh juice three times a day on a teaspoon with milk.

As an external means juice of the aloe having bactericidal properties, apply at treatment of inveterate wounds, combustions, at a purulent inflammation of eyes or at a cataract (in the form of plugins).

The pharmacological committee of Ministry of Health sssr recommended an aloe emulsion in the capacity of a prophylactic and medical means at lesions of a skin owing to radial therapy, and also for treatment of combustions II and III levels; in gynecologic practice for treatment of diseases of external female sexual organs; at subacute and ostrovospalichelnyh skin processes (a dermatitis, eczemas, a psoriasis – cheshujchastom a herpes, a red plane herpes, etc.) (Backs, 1965).

With the prophylactic purpose an emulsion it is necessary to lubricate a skin after each beaming during all course (45 days). The emulsion is superimposed a shallow layer on a sick surface by two-three times a day and coat with a gauze napkin.

It is necessary to mark that in certain cases aloe application is contraindicative. So, juice from green leaves cannot be used at a hemorrhoids, a pyelonephritis, at matrix bleedings, at an excessive menses, at pregnancy and illnesses of cardiovascular system in a decompensation phase. Therefore to use aloe drugs follows only with the permission of the doctor.

And g r about t e h n and to and in about z d e l y in and n and I. A district select. For cultivation in field conditions of an aloe demands prolific and cultivated soils with neutral or acescent response. Heavy soils which one swim away, and water-logged districts are not suitable. Cultivated crops and the grasss seeded on a green material are considered as the best precursors.

Soil cultivation. Ploughing of soil for a field crop make in the early spring on depth 20-22 the field see 15-20 days prior to fit plough up on depth 12-15 see With a simultaneous braking. Before fit a section cultivate and again brake.

Manures bring under the main ploughing from account of 30-40 t/hectares. Simultaneously bring also mineral fertilizers: Phosphoric on 1,5-2,0 ts/hectares and potassium – on 1-1,2 ts/hectares.

For breeding take browses which one unstrand from dormant buds of the heels of caulises, and also apexes of caulises from adult plants and implant them in August-September in forcing beds with high-fertile soil.

Harvesting is made on a sampling basis: At first shear the lower and medial most developed leaves in length not less than 15 see, Abandoning on 8-9 topmost leaves on plants. The removed leaves case at once with air holes in altitude 23-30 see (On the way – no more than days).

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It is recommended to those to whom behind a word of trainers the talk subject, and also that who wants to experience  more promptly recoil from the transactions  is unsharply seen.

Exercise has no limiting by illnesses (except the events stipulated in an initiation of the book) and to age, but demands special architecture. Its principal complication that the pupil should be prepared for durable (on all night long) for wakefulness. An exercise main member — meditative breath through a thyroid gland, palms, stops and power ports (without affecting heart and a brain).

Expectational affect. The pupil has an opportunity directly to watch of process of activating of the energetic cocoon and practically to value productivity of process. Night and rassvetnye hours — the time  most suitable to that.

Exercise architecture. podgadajte an experiment time under output to have a capability  then all the same to sleep. Try, that in night of experience and next morning in a room except you was nobody and that in the course of experience nobody could hinder you. Be accumulated by a valve and two books, one of which one should be a fascinating detective or the adventure story (to whom that more to liking), and second — the book informative, but not engineering, but a humanitarian direction

(The textbook on stories, philosophy or psychology). Ensure to itself a capability in the unlimited amounts to drink water or feeblly welded up (it is better green) tea. On coffee — the prohibition, coffee is not admitted not under any circumstances. Better also is nothing — it is possible unless to have near at hand a small store of any sweets.

Before eyes there should be hours.

Aerate a location and meet night behind desktop, alternately (trace on hours) reading that fascinating, the informative book. Fix the moments  when you will pull in a sleep. In this case rise and donate due to breathing meditative gymnastics. Before gymnastics and after it it is useful to do a light complex razminochnyh exercises on knuckles and a vertebrae («Lessons of Norbekova» — the section devoted to warm-up, or the true book — occupation 3 see more in detail).

Lead up the active wakefulness till the morning. In the morning (hours in 6-7) be once again converted to a true procedure (to welcome pages, then — to difficult to understand places). With special attention re-read postulates of the Conqueror — there the relevant information for you is stored even in rhythmics of phrases.

The new sense of a reality will simply stun you. On a pike of the active sleeplessness your informative capabilities hundred-foldly will be boosted. To you with amazing ease that else seemed days ago inaccessible will open. Memory of the maiden experience such, we are assured, remains with you on all life.

Exercise is not recommended to frequent application (no more than one-two time during course). It is necessary to resort To it only when there is an acute feel nedoponimanija a tendered material. It happens on an instruction initial stage more often.

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1. The youth fashion is boosted on the rising.

2. Warm-up it is led in the same bulk, as well as in the maiden two weeks.

3. The maiden complex: we work completely.

4. The second complex. We exclude «a noisy city» and "trifoliums". There are (at will) only exercises on correction of sight, audition, function of an unhealthy organ.

5. Vesper exercises — it is worked in former bulk.

6. We add exercises with a fashion of "the third arm». All exercises it is made with fresh-killed feels: Т+П and Х+П. The combination is ideal:

Т+П (Or oscillation) + «the third arm»;

Х+П (Or oscillation) + «the third arm».

Succession of stands at figure correction. A contraction of volume:
— Т+П;

— Massage by "the third arm»;

— "Inflating";

— «Massage with inflating»;

— «Air suction»;

— A fashion of the squeezed skin;

— Forming ("artistic moulding") of a new device of a figure (mentally it is levelled, stake, as the tailor a tissue, and, like the sculptor, remove all superfluous, closing edges; we work excitedly, "fitting" object a pure, plain, elastic skin; well we fancy an ideal to what we are aimed);

— A coolness;

— A fashion of a cool light skew field (Х+П together with cool «the third arm»),

Volumetric gain:

— Т+П;

— Massage by "the third arm»;

— "Inflating";

— Forming ("artistic moulding") of a new device of a figure (analogously previous exercise);

— Bracing by a coolness (Х+П together with cool «the third arm»).

Succession of operation with a fashion of "the third arm» It is admissible (and even it is desirable) to work with a fashion of "the third arm» everywhere where only it is is possible (provided that it better and easier at you is gained, than operation with ordinary relocation of feels). Thus it is possible to make the maiden complex and vesper exercises. The combination of "the third arm» with fresh-killed feels Т+П and Х+П is ideal.

Succession of operation the such:

1) we mass extremities (through a vertebrae); we mass a chest, a belly, a neck, the person (the maiden passage is made by "a warm arm», within 2—3 minutes, then — "cool", too within 2-3 minutes);

2) we mass a skin, knuckles (special attention it is given to "favourite" places);

3) we adjust a figure in the succession featured above (it is worked on a health and youth surge, introducing mentally the ideal appearance, simultaneously enlarge force and luminance of feels, aggressively, but benevolently working as "the third arm»; with T it is worked 3-5 minutes, with H — 2-3 minutes);

4) we mass a neck, then the person in the order directed by the applicable exercises (approximately for 2 minutes both with T, and with X); we work (approximately for 2-3 minutes both with T, and with X) with an organ demanding additional attention (without affecting field of heart and main

After (about) 30th day of occupations it is possible not to make the maiden complex. We continue to be engaged in correction of a figure and to refine quality of cutaneous coverings, that is to work over creation of the ideal appearance — young and almost not having flaws. We grind details,
Achieving desirable effect.

If you feel that operation with a small complex should be prolonged, it is possible to extend its days on 5, but it is no more.

After 40 (±5 days) tutorings rest — is mandatory 15-20 days. At this time — any agings, except (as required) warm-up.

Further work at own discretion, being conformed to state of health. If consider that have not completely recovered functions of organs troubleing you or have not achieved desirable effect in figure updating, can, having checked with intuition, to hook up exercises from "Canon". But know, these deficiencies speak only about one: the fashion of youth formed by you is insufficiently bright. However, as well as that there are no limits to perfection.

Vesper exercises, the control of a posture, facial expression and behaviour do not abandon never.

Success, pleasure and good luck in all undertakings!

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Morning occupations

1. The automanualnyj complex, exercises for a vertebrae and knuckles is made no more than 15-20 minutes. The time contracts at the expense of easing off of number of repetitions (to 4—6 times). If at you is in something slabinka and you know it (is admissible, still troubles any knuckle) it is possible for a weak link to give hardly more attentions, having enlarged for it number of repetitions.

2. With emotions it is worked in a total storage — digressions to the past, meditation of the act of a pardon and etc. Strictly we complete a floating lever principle, unceasingly we work out a fashion of health and youth in exercises with Т+П and Х+П. The desire to become healthy and young progresses on the rising. In the absence of a health and youth fashion any operation is intolerable!

3. The maiden complex of meditative exercises. Relocation of feels in extremities (through a vertebrae) — 1 time for each feel.
Breath through an unhealthy organ — 4-6 times. If an organ conjugate, at first we "breathe" on the one hand, then with another. If two miscellaneous organs — at first through one, then through another are unhealthy. With ward of experience with fresh-killed organs it is possible to work simultaneously.

Collection and dispersing of feels — 4-6 times. "Padding" and "coil" — in each direction of 4-6 times. It is possible to make "coil", dilating a circumference (by analogy to «a noisy city»), but it is obligatory in three plains.

Slipshod operation of a skin. All time it is worked with a fashion of a pure skin.

On this complex the maximum of 15 minutes is led out, we try to compact this time till 10 minutes. It is possible to fulfil  all exercises at first with Т+П, then — with Х+П.

4. The second complex of meditative exercises.

"Trifoliums" — 1-2 cyclic passage for each feel.
«A noisy city» — within 2-3 minutes For correction of function of an unhealthy organ: operation on organ environmental sanitation (at blanket feel of youth and health, and also at hot and escalating desire theoretically to sanitate this object, step-by-step worrying about each phase of a recovery and well introducing that it is necessary to refine till the end of period of occupations or before the complete environmental sanitation).

On a time the second complex also should not occupy more than 10-15 minutes.

Evening lessons

We make 3-5 times a week:

— Urological non-contact massage,

— Cosmetic non-contact massage (exercises on rejuvenescence of the person and a neck).

If there are no gynecologic and urological problems, the maiden two types of massages can lead out 2-3 evenings in a week. Each type of massage is made no more than 10-12 minutes, before appearance of sense of light fatique.

Once again we resemble that on all exercises should leave no more than 1 hour of 20 minutes per day, this time it is desirable to reduce gradually till 50-60 minutes.

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(Extraction from «the Book of Five Rings» which one Russian version is published joint-stock company "МСТ", SPb, 1993.)

Mijamoto Musasi — the vigorous, perhaps, vigorous and romantic nature which one was known by Japan at all times. He lived in a XVII-th century and more during lifetime has become famous among countrymanen as the greatest fencer who has come out the winner from a numberless amount of birth pangs. He participated at least in six large military operating periods and has died a natural death in rather respectable age for the time (61 year). Musasi it is honoured in rising sun Country as the genius of a sword, the artist, the sculptor, the philosopher. Its summary transactions — «the Book of Five Rings» («Go Rin But Se») in which one bottoms of the Trajectory of Policy (victory philosophy) are set up, — has found an international recognition. By this book almost each Japanese businessman to the present day is guided that, from our point of view, contributes in triumphal flight of Japanese business much.

We recommend to pupils to re-read before each occupation oracles of Musasi, being hooked up thereby to miracle power engineering of this surprising person:

«Learn this book. Having read a word, think over it. If you will expound sense of the told it is free, you will make an error on the way. Policy principles are stated by me in duel terms, but you should think widely — so that to attain understanding of philosophy of life. Not simply read, storing, but imbibe knowledge in the being to feel a principle as characteristic heart.

Be engaged in to what natural predilection involves you.

Death — the most relevant condition in life of each person. In it there is no shame. If you live, having got over possible loss, any defection on thy trajectory will become the impossible. The person who has seen death on the extremity of a sword, possesses heightened understanding of cracked eggs.

Do not search for practical advantages, applying the skill. It vulgarly also leads to fatal effects. The fool excessively cares of characteristic welfare only. The true sense of creativity lies farly behind purchase and sale  frameworks. Selling a flower — you destroy nut coal. Ponder upon it.

The teacher — a needle, the pupil — a hairline. Live, incessantly practising.

The trajectory of the warrior and trajectory of the carpenter — are similar. Both that and another, working as rasping instruments, come to refined things.

The spirit of light — rage irrespective of, light is great or is small. The spirit of cracked eggs is same. It is equal both in a duel of a two, and in battle of armies. Thus remember: easily to note great, small — it is indiscernible. Relocation of mass of people easily to foretell, but it is hard to foresee driving of a singleton. You should imbibe it.

Even following an actual pass — eliminate insignificant inaccuracies, differently in the future they become invincible deflection.

Assimilate the spirit to water. It takes the form of any tank. Sometimes it — a rill, sometimes — a rough sea. Its sign — pure blue bloom. Be pure.

Hollow is perceived as that has no initiation or the extremity. Comprehension of this principle means its incomprehensibility. The Hollow trajectory — the Nature Trajectory. It implies absolute knowledge and absolute force.

Calculate everything, discovering the correct pace. The pace is proper in all arts and all abilities. Nurture in itself sense of clock period. There is also a pace of Hollow. Try to be applied to it.

In cracked eggs the state of thy spirit should not differ from the daily. Meet a situation without a strain, however it is not careless, with spirit equilibrated, but not preconvinced. Do not allow a skew field to influence spirit and do not yield spirit to influence a skew field. Not be neither insufficiently excited, nor excited excessively. The risen spirit is feeble, and the sinked spirit is feeble. Do not allow the opponent to penetrate into thy state.

The view should be volume and wide. At it the dual task — «perception and visual inspection». Perceive strongly, look without being strained. Was relevant to be able to look in both sides, without propelling eyeballs. You cannot develop this capability promptly. Unceasingly train a battle view and use it in common life.

Movability — life. Hold down it in mind. Bracing means a dead arm. Be "leaky", but remember: a midposition — heart of all standings. Attacking — strike. Strike a blow in a flash. Train, that that to attain. Spirit of cutting shock the same that spirit of a tangency. Assimilate it. Striking — mince or if.

Outstrip the opponent. Fracture its attack to a syllable «and…», force down a leap on a syllable «pry…», catch shock on a syllable «at…».

It is difficult to move heavy things, jolting them «in a forehead», therefore you should «sway angles». Wobble on flanks and attack the enemy when its flanks have impinged.

If the enemy thinks of mounts, attack, as a sea. If the enemy thinks of the pestilence, attack, as a mount. Research it deeply.

Speed is not an actual pass part. Things become prompt or slow depending on that, they fall in pace or not. The foreman of any Trajectory of Policy does not look prompt. Rather skilful people everywhere are in time and never seem hasty.

About Hollow. It there where there is nothing. It is not laid down in human understanding. Train. With the installed spirit gain experience day after day, hour after an hour. Only having learnt that exists, you can learn that does not exist. It is Hollow.

In Hollow — advantage also is not present any harm. Wisdom possesses existence, the principle has existence, the Trajectory possesses existence, the spirit is anything.

Here precepts for those who wants to learn my Policy:

1. Do not admit disgraceful thoughts.

2. A trajectory — in exercise.

3. Be acquainted with arts.

4. Differentiate trajectories of miscellaneous occupations.

5. Differentiate a scoring and loss in businesses temporal.

6. Develop intuitive understanding of the enclosing.

7. Begin to see clearly the invisible.

8. Pay attention even to the ordinary.

9. Do not make anything useless.

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Someone will be delighted, somebody will grieve, but today our last lesson. Further for you waits self-supporting (without exterior helps) operation. However, it begins right now.

We work individually on the maiden six agenda items of a lesson. They envelop practically everything that is envisioned by the training course program. If the material is mastered correctly, the intuition becomes your correct compass in the further floating. An ultimate goal of the yielded instruction if remember, three following stands constitute:

• to help the pupil to discover the parent of the malaises;

• to demonstrate it the main trajectories of escaping of an illness;

• to give it liberty of choice of means for keeping up of harmonic unity of soul (emotions and reason) and a skew field (health).

This harmonic unity also is a state of unfading youth to which one we steadily are let.

And familiarise therefore with the plot of the further activities.

The program of self-supporting operation (from the moment of mastering of the program of lessons and till 40th day of instruction)

1. After mastering of the fixed program — rest 2-3 days, then we continue operation independently, meaning to be laid down in total no more than in 40 (yo 5) days.

2. We are engaged 3-5 times a week with a time-out in 1-2 days. A time of occupations; no more than 40-50 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Thus, the summarised time of occupations should not exceed 80 minutes in day (taking into account 15-20 minutes on warm-up).

3. Permanently we check the state. We are artificially adjusted on a youth and health surge if this fashion for some reason or other leaves from us. We are engaged more often then when it would not be desirable, as though we jar themselves. This practice yields dazzling effects. By evenings it is operationally fixed the psychoemotional state in a diary

It is recommended to make vesper meditative exercises 1-2 hours prior to a sleep: sometimes they have bracing enough an effect. Reception of a glassful of hot water can be eliminated from morning routines, this stock has already fulfilled the function. The intestine and an urinary bladder before occupations should be free. After warm-up the shower is mandatory.

Before morning occupations (for 20-30 minutes) it is possible to accept a light morning meal.

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Leah can suspect the patient, what it is sick? Perhaps if it has got used to the deficiency and considers the defective state as norm of things. So the fish living in perpetually darkness of ocean deeps, do not suspect that they are blind, so hypothetical two-dimensional beings do not suspect about bulk  existence.

we if our malaise does not progress also to us not specially can annoys, to consider, what it as if is not present? It depends on what purposes before itself to put. If to introduce all life a circuit of slow travelings on a ring a bedroom — a dining room — a rest room — a bedroom, it is possible to be reconciled with lack of slenderness in your knuckles if you would like something larger, for example to run out in the mornings on oceanside, to be reconciled with the tihohodnostyo in any it is impossible. Nevertheless the malaise (injury, a disadvantage) remains a malaise, without dependence from that, we suspect about its retention or not and as all of us we live in temporal arguments (in a time) it will show sooner or later us the bill. To us, instead of fish any there which one is not yielded to succeed a situation. The person urged to live in incessantly changing requirements: day-night, light-darkness, heat-cold, summer-winter (the agenda can be prolonged).

There is still a cosmos with its zero degree on a temperature scale, incandescent spiders and air void (the hollow defined by total absence of matter and pression). Tsiolkovsky has predicted to mankind an output in an outer space where «light of the speeds ground in a ray» overtops. The output like would take place, however our clodhoppers-cosmonauts tumbling «on the root of midnight» in clumsy pressure garment assemblies, not quite answer idea of the great thinker, the dreamer and a wise man. The person, stated Tsiolkovsky, in any period will be recasted so that will freely travel on the Universe clotty radiant energies, but now it is difficult to us to judge, so it or not so.

We can state only that the world is perfect, manifold, mysterious and is worthy of it openheartedly to direct to comprehension of its secrets. An Energia of the second level to which one we have adjoined, — it is far not the last form of a universe. Behind the attained purpose the new purpose  always looms. For example, our view is not only sight. It is the instrument of the active infiltration into the future and in the past. Gift jasnovidenija only its indirect property. But about it… On pages of the future books!

Success to you and good luck! See you soon!

Always your M.Norbekov, J.Hvan

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Prior to the beginning of operation mentally we will inspect the skew field and it is legiblly representable that we would like to modified in it.

We already are able to combine feels with a fashion of "the third arm» and practised in-process with mental magnification and a contraction of volume of specific districts of a skew field. So anything in essence new to us in forthcoming exercise is not present. But in it as in any the friend, collects gradually everything that is mastered before by us.

Try to be laid down in total 15 minutes. Work in a fashion of youth with huge desire to attain positive effect.

Preparation for basic process.

Correction of a tonus of a skin (in those places, where it flabby) and non-contact massage of knuckles (that have an effect).

We begin with Т+П. We warm up an imaginary arm Is better. We discharge under pressure heat on rising that it became hot (as at washing). Mentally from inside it is approached a hot arm to a scheduled district of a skew field, we add (on rising) Т+П to each section of a skin, simultaneously massing this place «the third arm». So we work minute (or hardly more), approximately every 10 secs adding heat.

Then analogously we work as a cool arm. We introduce that all our skew field is covered by a young, elastic, gloss skin… We Boost this fashion, we boost desire… And mentally we anchor a fashion of a pure, plain, cool skin, fixing this coolness within several secs.

Further we transfer to troubleing (or there is no time troubleing) us to knuckles. We mass them «the third arm» and composite feel Т+П it is simultaneous within one minute (or one and a half minutes), introducing these junctions theoretically healthy.

The main exercise

We transfer to it right after a preparatory stage. All attention it is directed on districts of a skew field which one we want to modified.

Handling (as «the third arm», and feels) it is led on rising, enlarging force and luminance of fashions. We work in mentioned below succession.

Contraction of volume:

We warm up a scheduled section (piece) of a skew field (Т+П);

We mass it «the third arm»;

We inflate object (a balloon fashion: we introduce, as the yielded piece of a skew field expands, as there is plain its skin);

Mentally we mass an inflated piece from inside, straightening out and levelling a skin;

We pump out "air" (the skin casts, gradually shrinks, the piece bulk accordingly);

We introduce more accurately as "has grown thin" the magnificent bulk there is no time;

We shape the device of the figure ("is moulded"), leading up it to the necessary ratioes, levelling, staking, removing all superfluous and closing edges (the fashion of a young, plain, pure, elastic skin fans our operation, all being enlarged on force and luminance, it podpityvaetsja to ours all inflaming desire to attain ideal effect — that is that form which one answers your ideal submission about itself);

We anchor the new form of object a coolness when we will experience that operation («it would be possible is better, yes there is no place») is completed;

Cool «the third arm» ultimately we fix effects of operation to feel of cool ease in each section of a processed district of a skew field.

Cool «the third arm» is returned on the place. Once again mentally it is (with satisfaction inspected the operation, storing "the modeled" fashion that then is lighter to it to come.

Volumetric gain

We work analogously in the following order:

Warming-up (Т+П);

Massage by "the third arm»;


Forming of an ideal figure;


Bracing by a coolness.

8. A face rejuvenation

Operation is intentionally broken down into three stages that it was to master lighter. Four exercises of 8th lesson — preparatory. In the future (and today) us exercises second and the day before yesterday occupations (9-10th lessons)  will interest only.

1st stage. 1 exercise of 9th lesson, but we are not restricted only to the person, and together with it properly we warm up also a neck (to spontaneous associations to T feels).

2nd stage. 2, 3 and 4 exercises of 10th lesson.

3rd stage. Remaining six exercises of 9th lesson with adding of physical receptions shiatsu for removal of fatique of eyes (10th lesson).

Indispensable reminders and oracles

Exercises for rejuvenescence of the person are desirable for including in a complex of other exercises, but it is possible to fulfil them and separately (the best time thus — morning or evening). To do these exercises one follows another without interruption, having adjusted on a youth and health surge (with pleasure and love to).

Begin always with T that it is better to prepare a face skin, as though slightly it promassirovat. Then T it is desirable to combine with P, it is equal as P — with X. To warm up the person it is possible deeply, without restraining intensity of T-sensation. The nose should be "heated" specially carefully — to a nasopharynx, and specially that whom cold (quite often takes a cold, a tonsillitis). When will work in the field of a neck, do not forget that the cutaneous covering there more thickly, and in it is less than tanks, than on the person, therefore in this field it is possible to start feels more brightly, more intensely, than by operation with the person.

Working, try not to drop any wrinkle, any tuck on a skin, mentally straighten out, straighten, level them. Introduce (we about it already spoke) as the face skin and necks on frosty air or after a bath pleasantly starts to burn. In it each section literally thrills, it becomes velvety, elastic and acquires a natural healthy tone, what you (alas, unsuccessfully) tried to achieve by means of any masks and diverse cosmetic means. Smile, tell to itself that now so will be always!

Problem: how long it is necessary to be engaged in all it?

The answer: work until it seems to you indispensable. Today on mastering of a complex to you the maximum of 15-20 minutes (try to acquire in 2 days indispensable skills and at least on a little podsokratit these digits) is led out.

We resemble that first exercises on rejuvenescence of the person it is necessary to make dwellings in a quiet ranging situation.

And last. Both for the person, and for a neck it is possible to make exercises, using a fashion of "the third arm», working with feels Т+П and Х+П (approximately for 2 minutes with each of them).

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It is fulfilled after qualitative mastering of a training course within 18 days (allowing for day of rest after each 5 days of occupations).

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